"Three Years of Observations with IBEX - What did we learn about the Outer Heliosphere?

IBEX SWT and Workshop `Three Years of Observations with IBEX - What did we learn about the Outer Heliosphere?'

28 - 31 March 2012, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany


On Wednesday, March 28, there will be the meetings of the IBEX hardware teams only.

Please note that the actual workshop will begin on Thursday, March 29, 8:30 a.m., and will end the latest around noon on Saturday, March 31. The workshop programme can be found here.

For those arriving late on Tuesday or early on Wednesday and not being busy with the hardware meetings, we will have an informal getting together (`open science discussions') on Wednesday (lunch und dinner at Physikzentrum will be available beginning with Wednesday).

Submitted presentations with complete titles:

Author(s) Title
Electron impact oin the Heliosheath
Allegrini, F, Dayeh, M.A., DeMajistre, R., Desai, M.I., Funsten, H.O., Fuselier, S.A., Janzen, P.H., McComas, D.J.IBEX-Hi energy passbands
Barabash, S.ENAs from non-magnetized and airless bodies
Bochsler , P, Peterson, L, Mobius, E, Schwadron, N, Wurz, P, Scheer, J, Fuselier, S, McComas, Bzowski, Frisch, DEstimation of the neon/oxygen abundance ratio at the heliospheric termination shock and in the local interstellar medium from IBEX observations
Dayeh, M. A. Spectral properties of ENA sky maps and the effects of fast and slow solar wind on the polar spectra
Dayeh, M. A.plasma flows and concentration in the Earth's plasma sheet
Desai, M.Spectral Properties of Energetic Neutral Atoms Measured by IBEX and Their Implications for the Microphysics of the Termination Shock
Fahr , H.J.Theoretical aspects of the heliopause boundary layer
Ferri\`ere, KInterstellar Magnetic Fields: An Astrophysical Perspective
Fichtner, H., Scherer, K.The IBEX ribbon and an inhomogeneous LISM
Frisch, P.C., Andersson, B.-G., Berdyugin, A., Piirola, V., DeMajistre, B., Funsten, H.O., Magalhaes, A.M., Seriacopi, D.B., McComas, D.J., Schwadron, N.A., Slavin, J.D., Wiktorowicz, S.J.Connection between the North Polar Spur Magnetic Field and the Interstellar Magnetic Field traced by the IBEX Ribbon
Fuselier, S.A., Heirtzler, D., Petrinec, S.M., Saul, L.A.The search for Sulfur from Jupiter using IBEX-Lo
Fuselier, S.A., Cairns, I.H.The Heliospheric 2-3 kHz Radiation, the IBEX Ribbon, and the 3-D Shape of the Heliopause
Gruntman, MikeTemporal Variations of Global ENA Fluxes in the Heliosphere
Grzedzielski, S., Bzowski, M., Sokol, J.M., Swaczyna, P.Observed H ENA and expected He ENA in the IBEX energy range: where are the sources?
Jahn, J.-M., Dayeh, M. A., Elliott, H. A. Dynamics of Earth’s Magnetotail Observed in IBEX Cross-Tail Viewing
Kubiak, M.A., Bzowski, M., Moebius, E., Sokol, J.M.Detectability of neutral interstellar D by IBEX-Lo and what would a future spacecraft need to be capable of in this respect
Kubiak, M.A., Bzowski, M., Sokol, J.M., Moebius, E., Heirtzler, D., Alexashov, D.B., Izmodenov, V.V., Bochsler, P., McComas, D.J.Estimates of the flow parameters of the secondary population of neutral interstellar He from IBEX-Lo observations
Kucharek, H., Lee, M.A., Pogorelov, N., Moebius, E., IBEX team, .On the IBEX Ribbon and the Shape of the Termination Shock
Lee, MA, Bochsler, P, Moebius, E, Wu, XAnalytical studies of interstellar gas as measured by IBEX
Leonard, T., M\"obius, E., Bochsler, P., Heirtzler, D., Kucharek, H., Lee, M.A,, Pape, B., the IBEX-Lo Team, .Impact of the IBEX-Lo Saturation on the ISM Flow Parameters
McComas, D.J. et alThe Heliosphere’s interstellar interaction: No bow shock
McComas, D.J. et alOur Evolving Heliosphere: Three Years of IBEX Observations
Mueller, HRNumerical characterization of secondary neutral helium
Möbius, E., Bochsler, P., Bzowski, M., Fuselier, S.A., Heirtzler, D., Kubiak, M.A., Leonard, T., and the IBEX-Lo Team, .Searching for and Constraining Secondary Interstellar Oxygen with IBEX-Lo
Opher, M, Drake, J, Schoeffler, K, Swisdak, M, Toth, GFlows and Fields in the Heliosheath: Effects of reconnection in the Sector Region
Park, J, Kucharek, H, Mobius, E, Bochsler, P, IBEX team, .IBEX-Lo Oxygen Sky Maps
Prested, C., Opher, M., Schwadron, N., Toth, G.Simulated all-sky maps from a 3D multi-ion, multi-fluid model
Ratkiewicz, R., Strumik, M., Grygorczuk, J.Studies of the heliosphere influenced by the local interstellar magnetic field based on Voyager and IBEX observations.
Reisenfeld, D BUsing Observations of Variations of the Polar ENA Flux to Determine the Dimensions of the Heliosphere
Richardson, J.D.Voyager observations of the heliosheath
richardson, j.d.Voyager observations of the heliosheath
Rodriguez M., D.F., Wurz , P., Saul, L., Bzowski , M., Möbius, E., Fuselier, S.The Search for Deuterium in the Interstellar Beam with IBEX-Lo Observations
Saul, L., Wurz, P., Rodriguez, D., M\, E., Fuselier, S., Bzowski, M.Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen at 1 AU: 4 Years of IBEX-LO Observations
Scherer, K., Fahr, H.-J.Electron impact in the Heliosheath
Schwadron, N.A., Adams, F.C., Dingus, B., Desitai, P., Funsten, H., Frisch, P., McComas, D.J.Anisotropies in TeV Cosmic Rays Related to Entry into the Heliosphere and the IBEX Ribbon
Siewert, M., Fahr, H.-J.Spectral properties of ENA fluxes from the inner heliospheric source
Sokol, J.M., Kubiak, M.A., Bzowksi, M., Tokumaru, M., Fujiki, K., McComas, D.J., Bochsler, P.Update on H ENA ionization rates and survival probabilities
Spangler, SInterstellar Turbulence and the plasma environment of the heliosphere
Swaczyna, P., Grzedzielski, S.Energy flow from the Galactic Center - could it influence neutral H atoms?